trivially poor life choices

i perpetually need sleep and believe me i LOVE sleep but i’m an ill-disciplined person who will forgo prolonged napping for doing interesting things like

  • testing out a website i just joined (this one)
  • testing out bullet points
  • testing out the queuing function
  • meaninglessly proving to myself that my sleep-deprived body can last at least another 1 day

It is now 2:43am (this number is CONSTANTLY being updated, before I can even click the publish button) here. This post shall be QUEUED!

On the subject of sleep, I feel like sometimes I’m just meant to live in another time zone, when the sun will rise when it’s 3pm here. Oh well.

My hands are weak and my head is light. My eyes are straining and my hair is finally dry! G’night kiddos, stay alive though you’re born dead! 🌸


Author: hunnybubbles!

I try varying versions of my best.

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