I can see it, hear it, feel it – your intentions.

When you look at me, talk to me, interact with me – I know it all.

The intentions behind the glances you cast, behind the words you speak, behind the thoughts you project – they’re so obvious.

I subtly slink off, yet you boldly continue. Should I be impressed by your tenacity, bravery, silly infatuation? Maybe you think I should. Maybe you think you have every right to have this chance, this shot at me.

You don’t have this right. You’ve done nothing to earn it, nothing to deserve it. It’s not the same as a given human right like voting, or working, or to be in a safe environment, etc. It’s not the same when it comes to relationships, when it must be mutually voluntary. And when I decide I do NOT want to give you even a sliver of a chance to get past being acquaintances, I should not feel pressured into needing to be friends with you, needing to accept your creepy advances. You make an offer, and I decide whether I want to accept.

“Why don’t you just give me a chance? Why are you rejecting me so fast? You don’t even know me yet, so how do you know this relationship won’t work out?”

Oh, I do know. Your glances, words, thoughts… They tell me everything I need to know about what you’re after. It’s something I refuse to give, especially to a creep like you. They also tell me everything I need to know about you, as a person. You aren’t attracted to me because we click, because we are compatible. It’s my better-than-average looks, it’s my friendliness that is unfortunately misinterpreted to mean I’m “available”, it’s my overall “charm” – you’ve only known me for less than a couple of weeks, the lines exchanged between us could not have exceeded 24 hours. I’m not interested, and you’re desperate.

And OH, I can feel the pity you can raise from the internet masses, about “having a crush on someone you have no chance with”.

It’s more than that for you. You leave out your predatory approach, your corrupted purpose, your sick mindset when you attempt to befriend me. But go ahead anyway, wallow in your self-pity about not being able to “get” or “catch” me (heh, just shows what exactly you think of me, right?). I couldn’t care less.

Sometimes you don’t even know you’re possessing these intentions, but they show. They shine through everything you do or say.

Your sullied intentions automatically disqualify you from securing the chance you so desperately struggle for. I refuse to associate myself with people like this.

Please stop, it’s painful for both of us, and if I were to take on the stand of a third party, it’s painful to watch too.

Just stop.

I’ve had enough with this blatant disrespect for me, and for yourself as well. I don’t need this.

I don’t need you.

All I was agreeable with was just friendship, but from the very beginning you wanted more, so the entire relationship is tainted with your intentions, and my knowledge of them. Good job.


Author: hunnybubbles!

I try varying versions of my best.

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