the heart’s a cup, or a bottle, or whatever you want it to be

this emptiness i feel now.

sadness? depression? i don’t really know. i don’t really have to know.

this emptiness is temporary. it’s my chance to reset. burning the crops for a more bountiful harvest the next round, that’s what i can liken this feeling to (the burnt land, not the burning).

yes. i just poured out stale water, that’s why i’m empty. fresher water awaits!


i’ll pull through. and so will you!

after some non-(standard-science) trials, i figure that perhaps it’s just not meant to be.

but that’s alright, because this just means another ‘it’ is waiting for me.


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On another note, you know those people on the street trying to shove a piece of advertisement into your hands? Take it. They know 99.9% of you aren’t even going to read the ad for real. Just take it – help the poor fella clear their pile more quickly, that’s all they wanna do, they won’t pressure you into using their washing machine service, or door lock service, or tuition service, etc. It’s also pretty neat if you could dispose of the ad out of their line of sight – I mean, how would you feel if you were giving out free (but admittedly useless) stuff and someone just dumped it into a trash can near you? It won’t matter in the long run, but… it won’t hurt to be nice.

Help a fellow human out for free 🙂