I thought about it during a lecture I was supposed to be paying attention to because the tutorial sessions are even less understandable. Barely regret it.

I pondered: why is there this need, or social expectation, to “upgrade” yourself to boyfriend/girlfriend to the other party once both of you have passed a certain boundary of closeness (physically or emotionally, whatever man)?

What changes along with the status? What benefits are there?

Is it security? That now you have a certain hold or reservation over the other person.

Would it bring both of you closer together? By acknowledging the value of your relationship through a change in relationship status.

Do you now have the right to expect gifts, time, kisses, extra effort, and even sacrifices if necessary?

Why can’t we enjoy the innocence as it is? Why do we yearn for more, better, clearer, closer, stronger? Why can’t we just feel? Why do we struggle to formalise, to know?

I am content with the equilibrium.